ADA way dont miss the rocket ! make me a RICH man !


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ADA way dont miss the rocket ! make me a RICH man !
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HADOUKEN Traders...and entusiast,

I am The Real Johny Button !... hated by the press and loved by the haters! Lets look at my opinion on ada today:

I called it! I just have to say that . . . i said a week or so ago, the down wave is not complete, we needed a 3rd down, we needed a reason to go up . . . and here we have it by the looks. makes a double bottom for ADA actually if it completes.

Just when it becomes a little silent, there is some green on peoples blockfolio screen in the past days, no great 10 -20% red losses across tokens . . . people relax, they say "its all good guys, its settled, lets buy now i recon" . . . and than someone pulls the rug out !

Well i remained wary. I was swinging to make some excitement in my days waiting, making crumbs, and using stop losses (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT) and waiting. If it exploded i was there still, but i was waiting for something that was missing. . . the 3rd wave down on the MACD .

So guys here we are. ADA above has made some type of an attempted H&S (some would say), not clear though, but ADA is pulling a descending wedge on this consolidation pattern as sellers bash down like a hammer . This chart move works when comparing the market and I list BNB at the top of that to watch. BNB pumped the other day, did you have a swing on that ? . . . I did :) The market didnt move though...but now it drops and so does the rest ?

But now BNB needs to correct before a possible last pump up more. This to me happens to create the last drop for coins like ADA that i wanted to happen, and also means; the market cap is going to increase now for the second half of the year hopefully or at least as BNB does a last large move up for this run on the 4hr chart. BNB is a market leader as it is the discount token paired against pretty much all alts on the largest global crypto exchange. So when it moves the others will be pulled along in a close timeframe with it as the money floods back into them.

Lock & Load people, the rocket is boarding, dont miss this. Could be the last time this year prices are this low.

Everything moves in 3's. I apply this thought to my charts and MACD reading. I call Elliot wave 12345, 3 waves up because thats just how i see it. 3 is my magical number and has proven to be a nice way to be on a good path for me.

I also have bad grammar, and i have offended goldman sachs mail room workers in the this i am sorry

Johny Button

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