Becky on BTC - New Channel Forms - But Nothing Changes


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Becky on BTC - New Channel Forms - But Nothing Changes
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Hey everyone, here's our daily BTC intake! Wooohoo!

2days ago we went on a mad trading/tradingview post on BTC and we ended up making a bit very safely. Today it's a whole another game. We've reentered the uncertainty zone. See we are currently in an indecisive channel, the 6600-6200 channel, The way I'm reading the market is quite simple. If we drop below 6000 then we have an imminent crash into our hands, we literally could be dropping 1000+ points in a couple of hours. Usually speaking after 10days+ of bearish movement we should be seeing a counter trend movement ( BTC recovering a bit and giving the noobs the dopamine they need to stupidly re-enter the market only to get CRUSHED again), but the volume is SO LOW right now that I don't think a major 500+ points counter trend is going to happen unless the big boys make it happen by injecting into the market.

For the reasons above I wouldn't be trading neither longs or shorts on BTC right now until the 6.6-6.2 channel is broken one way or another.

Who's Becky? What's her background? I am a crypto enthusiast and have been since early 2015. I have already made millions in the crypto world and am financially set for the rest of my life. I recently decided to start helping other people get rich. I like helping people, it makes me feel good. What can I say? I LOVE feeling good ;) . Let's share the journey together! Follow me on Tradingview/Telegram <3

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