Bitcoin Cash rebound


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Bitcoin Cash rebound
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Hey all, here's a fresh new update on BCH for yall. An interesting parallel formation as the resistance and support trends showed a light uptrend that the bears could not break. Everyone was looking at a wall of support for BTC at 8000 which was supported, which helped BCH keep this trend. BCH with a lagging bounce after ETH and BTC , but one is now under way.

We can see the old resistance of 1220 for BCH is now the new support and goes to show you, this is a tried and true basic principle of Technical Analysis .

Now BCH has a new support of 1220 and the exponential supports on the 12 and 26 period. Now we are waiting for the same EMA supports on the 4 hours as well.

This is will be a more sold bull trend with the higher low and higher high formation on the longer time frames.

ShiverMeTimberz here, firing one off your bow. It be your coin I be after, ARRR!

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