[BTC/USD] is Bitcoin preparing for something!?


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[BTC/USD] is Bitcoin preparing for something!?
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Suprising ehhh, how this market turned to reeeaal crap in hours.. while this whole month looked unstoppable. I hope you all learned a lesson this time, don't trust all the noises you here around you. No matter who it is, they all have their own agenda's to say what they are saying. Since the past few days downtrend was so weak, it just shows that this market is completely controlled and orchestrated by certain people. How do they do it? Volumes are low, they are not the same as months ago, because than even the whales couldn't control it, at least not like they do it now.

Anywayss, I want you guys to look at the ~7.2k-7.4k area. Not saying this is it, but it's interesting to look and think about it. I think there is a very big chance, that BTC has is forming a big triangle from the beginning of 2018 that about to moon when that breakout happens.. The question is, where will the breakout be, the up or down side.

I think this downtrend is not over yett,, we might see a correction up next few hours BUT i expect another wave down. It could be a big drop to the 6K's again. I Can't say yet, but i can say what i think will happen, that is dropping to the ~7K again. See how a the Korean exchange thing scared people. we did not here a single thing about it anymore for more than a month until a few days ago.. Even the news is being controlled in this world guys, think about all the bullish news that came out lately and what the market has done the past week. Doesn't add up right?

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Lets see what happens!
Best of lucks to all!

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