BTCUSD - We made 15.98% in the last 5 days with the indicators!


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BTCUSD - We made 15.98% in the last 5 days with the indicators!
Bitcoin / Dollar BITFINEX:BTCUSD

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As you guys know, we just close our second short position yesterday for a total profit of 6.07% and just three days ago we closed another short trade for 9.91% equaling a total take-home gain of 15.89% in the last 5 days simply using these three indicators below.

We are currently in a green candle uptrend which I did not enter into. I think this might be a short-lived uptrend since the green line is below the blue line as I explained in the video.

If you have bee looking for a very simple and profitable way to trade cryptos, forex or stocks, you have to try these indicators. I post videos on a daily basis of these indicators making profit for us and I love hearing all the testimonies from you guys about the profits you're making as well.

Get these three indicators today and come trade along with us! Enjoy the profits!

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Enjoy life, enjoy trading!

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