CRYPTO of the week NEOUSD or shall we go to the movies?


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CRYPTO of the week NEOUSD or shall we go to the movies?

NEOUSD 1H ASIA UPDATE - 09/06/2018
FLAT from 02/06/2018 high ended at 51.66 and bounce reached 54.96 before turning down in what appears to be a FLAT with sequence from 07/06/2018 high as a 5 waves down to 51.81 within equal leg area as proposed few sessions back.
So, as long as above 51.66, we should see higher toward 55.10-55.88, possibly 57.14 to either further challenge 58.31 or the low at 47.45 if 51.66 were to fail holding from current level or when cycle from 51.66 is completed.
I don't like to buy or sell at current stage and prefer to stay sidelined.

Every week, for one particular cryptocurrency, in addition to the charts that I upload on TradingView, I will put the full comments and trade setup for different time frames:
- Daily on Sunday,
- 4h once a day during Asia session and
- 1h twice a day in Asia (post US) and Europe sessions.
This week 04/06/2018-10/06/2018, I propose NEOUSD

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