DASH 5-Day Ahead Prediction 04/27 - 05/01 Period


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DASH 5-Day Ahead Prediction 04/27 - 05/01 Period
Dash / Dollar (calculated by TradingView) POLONIEX:DASHUSD

Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning Enabled 5 Day Ahead Predicted values for DigitalCash ( DASH ) have been plotted on the chart.

The method used in this prediction is Deep Learning/Artificial Neural Network based, and using complex mathematical models/methodologies to analyze and extract hidden time series features in vast amounts of DASH related data. The "trained" and optimized neural network then generates the multi-day ahead predictions which are plotted on the chart and given in the explanation below.

The expected 5 Day Change is -4.644 %

Please note that the close price on 04/26/2018 is taken as 480.43

Predictability Indicator is calculated as : 0.804

Predicted 5-Day Ahead Prices are as follows:

Fri Apr 27 Sat Apr 28 Sun Apr 29 Mon Apr 30 Tue May 01
460.69 460.49 462.81 460.52 458.11

Please note that outliers/non-linearities might occur, however FinBrain's Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning Enabled predictions indicate the softened/smoothed moving direction of the stocks/commodities/World Indices/ETFs/Foreign Currencies/Cryptocurrencies.

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