DASHUSD potential short........or not?


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DASHUSD potential short........or not?
Dash / Dollar (calculated by TradingView) POLONIEX:DASHUSD

I like these kind of trades because your stops can be very tight. You can see we're hitting major overhead resistance put in on 11/13, 2/5, 3/14, 3/22 and the 3 showing currently on the chart ass well as today. Indicators show we've put in a top, with divergence, as well as a bullish flag with the top being higher than the flag pole........they usually fail. Overhead support is 395......we're at as we speak. There's actually 2 trades setting up here if you're so inclined and are nimble. The initial is a short here with a stop just over 400 due to all the divergence I explained so far. If we do break out.....a long a 400 with a stop at 387 would be the next setup. You don't see opportunities like this very often so I thought I'd point it out.

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