EOSUSD at a critical point


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EOSUSD at a critical point

Hello guys,
EOSUSD seems to be at a critical point: in fact this level, about $9.70, could be a good point to enter or a level for a new negative impulse.
If we think could start a rebound, even if in my opinion this scenario has a little chance, this point could be a very good entry point, considering at this level passes the 200 daily MA and a statical support. The stop loss could be set at 30/40 cent from this level and the first profit level could be set at $10.50 and then $11.40
On the other side, if prices would be so weak to leave this area it could fall to $8.
All indicators shows weakness and are not set to a durable climb even if a little recovery can't be excluded.

***This analysis is not a buy or sell advice, it is drawn up for educational purpose only***

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