ETHUSD Further Down She Goes


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ETHUSD Further Down She Goes
Ethereum / Dollar BITFINEX:ETHUSD

Be aware that there are price points even lower on the chart than what I describe here that will absolutely be met. These lower areas I talk about are demand levels. Price will always return to supply and demand levels, it has to do with unfilled orders. That's all you really need to know about this unless you choose to study it. And when does prices return to supply and demand? It can take a year or years, a month or months, weeks or days to meet this rule in trading/investing. In the case for ETH, I suspect this will happen sooner rather than later. Depending on your trading strategy you can watch all of this unfold as you invest for the the future or for the trader, trade the current trend, patterns and indicators. Sell the pullbacks, buy the dips, buy and sell the break outs, whatever your style, count on prices continuing their path down. If investing for the long term, buy your coin and place in a paper wallet where it is safe and let it sit. Do this with each transaction. Investigate the different wallets with which to choose from and you'll see which are the safer wallets to store your coin in. There are those waiting on the sidelines right now who will buy only when price meets a new considerable low. They will then get their coin off of the exchange and store it in a wallet of their choosing. This is the investor. Then there is the trader who will trade this bad boy using all manner of technical tools, any time frame, any strategy they choose. The choice is yours. Are you an investor or are you a trader or are you a little of both? Happy trading. Peace and prosperity be yours. The pricing area I speak of on the chart is between the 412.02 and the 198.97 marked by the two black lines on the chart.

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