Updated possible bullish mid term scenario on Dash


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Updated possible bullish mid term scenario on Dash
Dash / Dollar (calculated by TradingView) POLONIEX:DASHUSD

The red line is Bitcoin , and the axis shows percentages. Scrolling through the chart, we can see that Dash reliably follows Bitcoin's price with one major exception: when we entered the big bear market in 2014, after the Mt.Gox pump, Dash had quite a big increase in price (around April - June 2014).
We might be in a similar scenario right now: Bitcoin had an intense pump and might need a longer cool off period, now. If history repeats itself, this might be the chance for Dash to go up.

Trend line , as shown, is touched multiple times (happened just recently) and overall uptrend in the higher time frames is still intact. If this scenario plays out, I suggest to #btfd and enjoy the ride.

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