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3 Ways To Trade Using Robotics and Automation

In the current digitized era, the emergence of advanced technologies like Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Robo-advisory has opened unprecedented opportunities for the finance sector to digitize and secure the trading operations. In the investment space, robotics and AI-based technologies are playing a major role in assisting the trading enthusiasts or investors to build a robust and efficient investment portfolio by interpreting past financial data, transactions and trading patterns. Robotic Automation in Investment Management (IM) industry is also important in order to lower the transaction costs, reduce risks, and enhance the accuracy in trading activities.

Here is a list of three eccentric ways through which Robotic Automation is being used by the trading firms or investors for achieving high efficiency, ROI, and market profitability in both classic and digital trading operations.


AI-based Robo advisory services are commonly used by investors on different trading platforms for building an efficient investment portfolio. Digital Crypto Invest (DCI), for instance, is an upcoming fintech investment-preferred ecosystem, which has integrated robo-advisory services to assist the investors in the creation of a hybrid portfolio comprising of digitized and real assets. The Robo advisors on the DCI platform are largely capable of providing calculated investment advice and support to the investors who are actively involved in the trading operations. The integration of Robo advisory services on the DCI platform has also minimized the possibilities of human errors to a very significant level.

Artificial Intelligence

AI-based technology solutions in the investment industry are playing a major role in trading operations. Artificially intelligent systems in cryptocurrency space possess the capabilities to deeply analyses a large amount of user trading data; hence, their rapid adoption has been seen in the crypto industry among the investors for the management of their different funds like hedge funds. AI is not only helping the crypto industry fund managers in investment-related decision-making but also assisting them in finding better ways of executing trades.

DCI, again, is one such financial ecosystem that is leveraging the AI capabilities for introducing robotic automation in the trading process. DCI has integrated AI everywhere in the system to assist users in a wide range of trading activities starting from stock pricing, ETF building to portfolio optimization.

Trading Bots

The AI-powered bots are responsible for generating approximately 60 percent of the trading volume on different trading exchanges. This shows the rapid integration of robotic-based business solutions into the trading operations of the financial sector. Often, large investors invest their money in High-Frequency Traders (HTF), whose prime function is to track the market inefficiencies and execute trades that can be measured in microseconds. Trading bots are mainly used by investors for arbitrage mostly in order to keep correlated prices across different exchanges. Bots are also offered on rent by different tech companies to investors or customers for trading purpose.

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