ICO Scroll is a rating agency that issues independent analytical research, evaluating ICO projects and assigning them ratings.

Investing in ICOs is a potentially hyper-profitable, yet high-risk industry. The market for ICOs is currently at the development stage and is not yet fully regulated, and there is no reliable set of criteria for the evaluation of projects; all of which creates potential pitfalls for investors.

At ICO Scroll we aim to develop clear assessment standards for projects and assign ratings based on a transparent and standardized scale. A profound and unbiased analysis of a project (the technical features of its platform, the business model, the team, strengths and weaknesses of the decentralized infrastructure, etc) allows us to objectively evaluate risks and create a complete picture of the project and its potential.

A rating conducted by ICO Scroll provides investors with a foundation for making a well-informed and reasoned decision. At the same time it demonstrates the openness and commitment of the project founders, thus making it more investor-attractive, and raising a project’s chances of conducting a successful ICO.

Our main mission is to help the market achieve the necessary standards of quality, transparency and reliability.


Our multinational team consists of more than 10 experts who have backgrounds in finance and investment banking, and specialize narrowly in evaluating companies in the fields of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICOs/IPOs.

Ravi Kash Gupat

Expert, ICO Adviser

Ravi Kash Gupat


  • Master’s degree in International Business
  • Certified Yellow belt Six sigma
  • Bilingual in Spanish, Hindi and English



  • Crypto Project Management
  • Professional Trading and Investment
  • Coins Technical Audits
  • Marketing Campaigns Manager
  • Investors Relations



A dedicated, creative problem-solver with a passion for excellence and a unique international background, Mr. Ravikash seek to produce exceptional results based upon analytical and communication skills.

He specializes in Cryptocurrency Project Management, namely bitcoin, Ethereum, Cryptocurrency, Smart Contracts, DevOps, System Administration, Project Management, UNIX, Linux, Windows Systems, IT Security, VMWare, Puppet, Remote Support, Onsite Support, Disaster Recovery, Data Storage & Backup, Emergency Response, Hardware.. He began his career in the field in 2012. He has been a full time specialist for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins since 2015.

He has been extremely successful since 2016-17 as an investor. He serves as an advisor to new crypto projects.

Besides acting as a manager for a smart contracts project in Singapoor, Mr. Ravi serves as campaign manager for two ICOs.

Before 2012, he worked as Business Administrator and Analyst at different companies such as IDBI, ICICI Securities, Bajaj etc.


Main Achievements

Mr. Ravi has been based in Sinagpoor since 2012.He has managed and completed successful projects for top 500 companies.

He brings high levels of professionalism, commitment and attention to detail to every endeavor. He started becoming involved with blockchain and bitcoin in 2015. He has developed extensive knowledge and has been very successful in this new industry. He matches customer requirements with industry best practices to deliver a concepts and implementation which provides the best of both. He has learned all aspects of the cryptocurrencies industry in the past 3 years.