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Start DateAugust 20, 2018
End DateOctober 13, 2018
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MONEYNET is an incentive based cryptocurrency community where members can share investment information and acquire a reward. Members can freely share information such as cryptocurrency chart analysis, Altcoin(abbreviation of Bitcoin alternative) buy/sell target price, promising ICO recommendations and get a reward as other members who think the information is valuable. Unlike other communities where members cannot get rewarded for sharing information, MONEYNET has a distinct feature that gives users an opportunity to receive a monetary reward (cryptocurrency) depending on how many other members like the information.

Namely, MONEYNET is a community website that
1) Integrates all cryptocurrency investment information distributed through Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Trading View and etc.

2) Is similar to Steemit but has a more systematic and improved rewarding system.

The MONEYNET ICO Project is established based on “MONEYNET (” that began in 2017. MONEYNET provides basic courses for crypto beginners and various market news/information and allows freedom of communication between users. Finally, MONEYNET became a large community with about 100,000 members.

Also, we were offered marketing partnership from a number of coin/token projects and hosted events. Furthermore, we have built cooperative relationships with many crypto exchanges. However, the existing Moneynet service had limitations that restricted provision of reward to outstanding members who significantly contributed to the community. It was also paradoxical that the blockchain/crypto community

was not based on blockchain technology. Therefore, we will launch an incentive-based global cryptocurrency investment information community “MONEYNET Project” by leveraging two years of know-how and technology network acquired from a number of coin/token projects.

MOENYNET’s internal currency is MoneynetCoin(MNC). Users can receive MoneynetCoin(MNC) as a reward for sharing valuable information. The amount of MoneynetCoin(MNC) to which users have access will depend either on other user’s likes or MNC, bought directly from crypto exchanges. Users may also freely transfer tokens to other members in the community. MoneynetCoin(MNC) can be converted to Mpower. M-power indicates the influence of a user in the community. It means that if a user with M-power of 100 presses like for a post, it gives 100 times greater reward to a writer than a user with M-power of 1. In other words, the reward is proportional to total M-power, not number of likes. If you convert MoneynetCoin(MNC) to M-power, you become a more influential and key member in the community.

Members can convert MoneynetCoin(MNC) to M-power instantly but when they convert M-power to MoneynetCoin(MNC), it takes 1 day. Also, owners of M-power will receive M-power airdrop every quarter that will be equal to 10% of MONEYNET’s revenue. M-power airdrop will be processed depending on the amount of M-power and the holding period. It means that members will receive more bonuses as they hold M-power for longer period.


MONEYNET(MNC) is now officially listed on @CoinMarketCap
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머니넷 코인(MNC) 필리핀 바이펙스(Biphex) 거래소 상장 및 해외진출 계획 발표!
Moneynet Coin(MNC) listed on Philippines exchange Biphex( and announces plan for overseas expansion of its service!

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Price1 ETH = 576,000 MNC Sale6,000,000,000 Payment ModeETH, WTC
Minimum Investment0.1ETH Distribution15% RaisedN/A
Soft Cap1,250 ETH Hard Cap12,500 ETH