Rating – A detailed review and in-depth audit of your product


Rating provides an independent, unbiased assessment of a project. It enables professional investors to benchmark new ICOs with their peers, and is invaluable in making an investment decision.
Our assessment is conducted by a team of professionals with a background in finance and investment banking who have vast experience in assessing blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICOs/IPOs.

Benefits to Startups
Rating is an independent expert opinion which creates investors’ trust to a project.
It shows the openness and commitment of its founders and their ability to fulfil their obligations, making the project more investor-attractive.
Benefits to Investors
ICO is potentially a hyper-profitable investment vehicle, but is also accompanied by risks of a high magnitude. That is why a well-considered decision in this market particularly requires expert analytical evaluation. Our Investment Rating provides investors with an independent estimation of a project and our Audit Report shows a full picture of a project enabling them to make an informed and balanced decision.

What is included in the Investment Rating?

Audit Report can also be an instrument for startups, allowing them to identify and improve the weaker aspects of their project and to make necessary changes before the ICO is launched.
Investment attractiveness rating — a recommendation on whether to invest in your project, to the 10,000 users who read ICOScroll’s reviews.
We publish Ratings & Reviews on our web-site under “ICO Review“, offering high visibility to investors and the crypto community. We also promote rated projects via social media channels, through partnerships with world-class blockchain media and in our Investor Bulletin.

Basic Review by ICO Scroll

Stage a successful ICO with your project review, carried out by the leading ICO review agency followed by more than 10K investors worldwide.
Basic Review
Our Basic Review is a showcase of all the relevant information about an ICO in one place, easily accessible to investors. It contains a basic assessment of the product, an overview of the team, business model, technical aspects of the project, the structure of the crowdfunding campaign, links to all related resources, etc. Saving hours of research and data collection, Basic Review helps increase investor participation in an ICO.
Benefits to Startups
Our Basic Reviews help ICO projects showcase all their relevant information in a form easily assimilated by potential investors. Your token customers won’t need to gather bits and pieces in different places and spend hours on research.
Benefits to Investors
Basic Review is a short, easy-to comprehend information package on a project which explains the concept and the level of its investment attractiveness, allowing investors to save time and money.

General Listing 

The listing is published on our website, and provides additional visibility for a project to potential investors and the crypto community.
General Listing is published on our website and provides additional visibility for a project to investors and the crypto community.